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Hi Marcia,
I wanted to send you a special "Thank You" for helping us through a very tough - sad time when our 1st family dog Rocky was passing away. I was a bit skeptical about having someone speak to our Rocky, having never experienced an "Animal Communicator." 
I want to share the experience with your future clients so they know how it works and hoping it will help others not be so skeptical because when you talked to Rocky he told you exactly what he wanted. If I hadn't found you and taken the chance with an opened mind, Rocky would not have had such a loving passing.  
      I remember calling you in a frantic panic, not knowing what was going on with Rocky....we knew it was his time to leave us/our world but had no idea how to comfort him as he was laying there non-responsive to to us.  Once I got you on the phone, you had me put the phone up to Rocky's ear and he told you what he wanted....a pillow under his head and a blanket wrapped around him.  He looked so peaceful as he looked up at us for the last time with a look in his eyes of love and thankfulness, he passed away peacefully. It gave our whole family peace knowing that we were able to know and do what he wanted to make him comfortable as he closed his eyes and crossed over. The words are indescribable and our family can't thank  you enough for the love and guidance you gave to us and to Rocky. We will forever be grateful for you sharing your gift that gave us all comfort not just on the human level, but the spiritual outlook it gave to us all as Rocky went on to doggy heaven.



Hi Marcia,
This is Ashley, Patti's daughter. I wanted to send you a big thank you for talking to my baby Cocoa, She's a purebred Pekingese. She didn't seem to be feeling well, she was very lethargic and just totally not herself so my mom told me to call you for a consultation. I saw what you had done for Rocky in his last hours so I had confidence that you could help Cocoa. When I put the phone up to Cocoa's ear she perked up as if saying "finally someone who understands me!" After you talked to her for a while and I got back on the phone and you told me that Cocoa wasn't sick, she was depressed and lonely. I wasn't sure how to make her better. My dad came home and we told Dad about you talking to Cocoa and he was being a skeptic. We decided to take Cocoa to the vet to have her checked out. A vet bill later, we find out that "Cocoa is depressed!" Needless to say my dad is now a believer of your gift and Animal Communication! We got another Pekingese puppy and sure enough Cocoa came out of her depression and is no longer lonely. I never thought about a dog getting depressed and couldn't have helped my lil Cocoa had I not called and asked for your guidance. I am forever grateful for the time, love, care and guidance you gave to Cocoa and for talking for her. She is now 100% better, back to her old self and is happy, happy, happy:)
Thank you so much,


Hi Marcia,
  My name is Marilyn Adams and my dog Izzi and I spoke with you on Friday 8/21. Izzi was ill and you spoke with her 
about being put down. She told you she wasn't ready and wanted to spend more time with "her". You also told her 
to give me a sign when she was ready. The illness continued and on the following Monday she jumped up on the couch 
and sat very close to me on my right side rather than the usual left side. I wondered if that might be a sign, but 
she did not do it again that day. We went to the vets on Tuesday and she thought it was probably kidney failure 
and did blood work. On Wednesday Izzi could not get comfortable and jumped up in that same spot on my right side. 
  I KNEW she was ready. I found a little later that blood work did confirm that she was in renal failure, and the vet 
confirmed that I was making the right decision for Izzi. 
I want to thank you so much for helping us through this. If it weren't for you we would not have had those few extra 
days that we all found so meaningful. Bo, my little cavalier was so sweet during those days, and he took every 
opportunity available to keep Izzi's eyes clean and kissed and kissed her. Izzi loved it. I may possibly call you 
in the next few weeks if I have concerns for Bo. He is not acting any different than usual, so I am not sure how this 
is affecting him. I did see him sniffing as though he were following a trail of scent this morning (possibly looking 
for Izzi?). I would love to get another dog but my husband does not want another. (I've got some work to do with him!). 
It might be good for you to speak with Bo to see if that is what he would like. He has never been the only dog. 
  I passed your name and number along to a couple of friends who may be contacting you. 
  Many thanks, and take care,
Marilyn Adams 


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