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    There are many misconceptions about channeling. It is wise to be very careful when you choose someone to speak with those who have passed on. It takes skill and experience. Some people giving information mislead because the information comes through entities other than the person they desire to reach and they cannot distinguish the difference.

    When contacting those on the other side, I always respect the spirit's position in their other worldly travels. If a guide informs me that the person is "at rest" or "resting", I will not interfere with their space. When this happens, I get answers from the person's guide. It is best to have questions written down and a pen and pad to record the answers or advice given. The answers are the best proof of the communication. I channel at night because it is quieter and there are less distractions. I will not take questions regarding murder or missing persons.

    I act as a link and if you have questions based on what you are hearing, I will pass them on. It is not a one sided session. You are very much involved. Sometimes, based on the personality of the person I am contacting, it is either humorous, emotional, informational, serious, or wise. It is always thought provoking.  Sometimes clients are nervous or anxious. I try to make it as comfortable for you as possible. Questions are not submitted previous to the session...questions should be on one thing at a time, not a string of questions in one sentence. 
It is important to ask only one question at a time, not to combine two or three subjects together.  Please contact me at

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