Loss of a Pet

   It doesn't matter what kind of pets you have, whether they're small or large, when they leave, it's difficult.  Perhaps you hide the fact that there is such a sense of emptiness that you don't mention it to anyone.  People give good sympathy during times of grief, but it is an emotion that must be carried, for the most part, alone.  The tears come and go, you move on, as you must, and then there it is again ...the missing, the holding, the fun, the sweetness and whatever else you shared with your friend.

   The pain increases if it comes as a shock or if the time comes when you must do something to stop the pets' pain.  You know there are grief counselors and places you can call, but even that seems to take the energy you don't have.  Take a blanket and curl up with your grief.  Wrap it with warmth, let it proceed whether in quietness or in a flood of tears.  Know that the time will come that it will hurt less, yet suddenly appear as fresh as the day you had to say goodbye.

   As an animal communicator who can communicate with both people and animal spirits, I have a different perspective.  Yes, they do have spirits and they do communicate.  In my case, when I suddenly had to say goodbye to a very ill kitten, the vet was preparing to take that final step. Before the vet came in I said to the kitten "Go, go, go" and as I held her in my arms, I felt her spirit leave. Then immediately afterwards I heard her say "I like it here".  "I love you, Mommy".  Now I've never used the word Mommy, I use mama instead, but there it was, and she was gone as the vet came in the door.  The transition was smooth and very like her.

  Recently, I fed one of my cats, a beautiful year old Bombay male, one of four I rescued.  He and his sister had to be the outdoor cats as I had no more space inside.  They stayed close by and I had just fed him.  My neighbor and I were admiring both of them and I thought how very beautiful, and how serene.  Two hours later I got word he had been killed by a car.  I was stunned.  What did I hear from his spirit... that independence he had, but the lovingness that had him come to the door each morning to be held with a hug.  "I'm okay, mommy.  I'm going to go play."  There was that Mommy word again.   It may be comforting for you to know this from my pets.  It hardly lessens the pain, but it shows that there is a place for them and that the transition is smooth and they are at peace.  I hope you remember that when it is time for you to face the loss of a pet.


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