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Animal Communication

   They're wonderful in their own way, these creatures great and small.  You'll find their thoughts amusing, thoughtful, intelligent, and wise.  Their view of the world will give you a different insight.  If there is a behavior problem or your pet is sad over the loss of a friend I can help.

    I am always touched by the trust, honesty, and care these animals show.  They sometimes carry hurts the guardian is unaware of and knowledge of these hidden hurts can be helpful in healing them.  If there is no particular problem but you'd like to know more about their feelings and desires, they will tell you.

    The guardian is very much a part of the appointment.  You may ask questions based on what the pet is telling me.  Just tell your pet I will be speaking to them on the phone.  Sometimes a pet isn't comfortable with the phone.  If this happens, I will get the answers psychically.  The most rewarding thing for me is to help animals get over their fears and to increase the bond with their guardians.  (Dogs, cats, horses, birds, all species).

    The only information I need is the name of the animal, age, sex and any problem that is being experienced. I like to talk directly to your pets over the phone. Simply tell your pets that there is someone who can understand their thoughts who would like to talk with them so you can know their needs. Choose a time when your pet is not tired or hungry. It is best to have your questions written down when you call and a pen and pad available so that you can later look over the notes for further insight. Important information and direct quotes are sometimes given very quickly by pets. Please contact me at  

1 Hour Appointment

($30.00 US)

1/2 Hour Appointment

($20.00 US)