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    Most people are not aware of animal channeling. It may be that many have never considered or thought of the spirits of animals. When a beloved pet dies, the grief can be as deep as the loss of a person. They are part of the family. They give so much of themselves that there is a deep sense of loss when they leave.

    It might seem painful to re-connect, and it can be emotional, but at each session I've found it to be a beautiful experience. One person's pets encouraged her to adopt a dog and show it the love she had shown them. As a result of her love toward her new pet, there are patients at a convalescent hospital who are benefiting from that love as her new pet makes weekly visits.

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     To schedule an appointment, call 626-286-3516. I am in California so allow for the time zone. You may choose to send an email to

     The most difficult part of pet ownership is the time when we have to say goodbye, whether to continue life or suffering needs to be ended. Pets have told me they hold on to life because of their owner's distress. When understanding has been reached by both, it calms the pet as well as the owner. Sometimes a pet will say "I want to go home" (meaning their heavenly home), other times they want to stay until a particular thing has been accomplished.

     As I am a channel to the 'other side' for both human and animal communication, I can talk with the spirits of animals who have passed over the 'rainbow bridge'. I only talk with the animals' spirits if they agree. If they are in a place of needed healing and comfort and need that space, I will not intrude.


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