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    He was my constant companion during the day and at night as well, as he slept with Joyce and me.  We have a 60 acre tree,(for timber, not Christmas tree), farm about 17 miles south of Salem.  Spike was adopted from the humane society in 1993 as a one year old and has lived and run and dug and traveled with us.  I attached a bicycle basket to the fender of my tractor and Spike would ride with me down into the woods and pastures.  It was a wonderful vantage position for him - six feet above the ground, King of all he surveyed.

   He was a familiar figure to many of the stores around here.  I would take him with me and most of the owners wouldn't complain, simply because he was so engaging.

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Meatball Blessing


    Today I had an appointment with a female dog, part-chow and
part-yellow Labrador, who is fourteen years old.  As an animal
communicator, I know that each animal teaches me as I talk
with him or her.

    The meeting took place in a store for packaging and mailing items.
At first, I didn't feel the dog was opening up to me, possibly
because people were coming in and out of the store.  Animals
have taught me patience, and I've learned you cannot rush the
communication with them.  Sometimes, as today, if you're
patient enough, a wonderful experience is the reward.

    This beautiful dog had a strong sense of self and the surprising
name of Meatball because that is what she had looked liked as a
curled-up puppy.  She is extremely bright.  Meatball would lead me
to take a walk outside, turn around, and then want to come back.
During my talk with her I found that she liked to see things and
wanted to know about things.

    It's probably fortunate that there were no customers in the store
during the time when I explained to Meatball the brightly colored
folders, bubble wrap, and various objects in the store.  When I
showed her a card with a German shepherd and dachshund on it,
she said, "I'm not interested" and led me away.  Since she had
me at the other end of her leash, I got my exercise for the day
as we went in and out and in and out of the store.

    The store's owners have a friend who is a Chinese nun.  She
asked me if the dog would understand what she said in Chinese.
I explained that Meatball would not understand unless she was
used to the language but she might sense the feeling.

    I watched as the nun spoke to the dog and lightly touched Meatball's
head.  She then asked me, "What did she say?"  I got Meatball's
answer immediately: "It was a blessing."

    Meatball's guardian and the nun both reacted with shock.  "That's
exactly what it was," the nun said.  Meatball had felt the blessing
although she did not understand the nun's words.

    I asked Meatball if there was anything she wanted to ask me.  She
said that she'd pick a subject.  Her mind then flew through ideas so
fast I couldn't get the words.  Then she said the subject was cats.

    I thought she hadn't been around cats, but her guardian said that
there was one next door, so cats were not new to her.  Then as
animals, especially dogs so often do, Meatball totally surprised me
with the question, "Where do they go?"

    "You mean when they die?"  I asked.  So I told her I believe that
part of you, the body, dies, but the spirit lives and can go
anywhere it wants.

    Meatball was totally still, listening to my every word.  I told her
she might come back and sit at her mama's knee or be in the sky,
wherever she chose.  Then I could feel her mentally shifting and
knew she didn't want to hear more.

    She had been walking with stiff legs and wanted to stand as it "made
her feel tall" but now she suddenly relaxed, laid down, and went
to sleep.  She looked like a young dog.

    Meatball's papa said, "I guess it's easier for her to think about
death if she asks about cats instead of herself."

    Now that she has the information, I believe this beautiful, proud
dog was probably already dreaming of all the things she could do
when she went to the spirit world and could approach death without
worry.  I'm hoping she has many more months to see things
before she leaves earth.

    Here's an additional thing that happened.  When I hear animal
thoughts, they have different sounds just like people's voices and I
get the feeling that comes with the thoughts.  Here was this
fourteen-year-old female with the chow reticence, and she wasn't
looking at me but was telling me her feelings for her guardians.
"I love them," she said.

    Then I heard, "And I love you, too." 

    This got to me emotionally and brought tears.  I am in awe of the
purity and depth of love that I felt when Meatball spoke those
words.  She wasn't the only one who got a blessing that day.